Remedyne Delivered Controls

…identify suspect master data or transactions…

Remedyne Continuous Monitoring facilitates the continuous, automated monitoring of data and processes to ensure controls in your SAP ERP system are operating effectively, and to identify weaknesses or potential control deficiencies on a timely basis. In particular, you can identify suspect master data or transactions in your SAP ERP system and prevent errors and fraud. 

Remedyne provides monitoring controls for transactions, master data and configuration.  Standard controls are delivered for the following processes/areas:

  • Procure to Pay (P2P)
  • Order to Cash (O2C)
  • Inventory (INV)
  • Accounting/GL (GL)
  • Asset Accounting (FIAA)

Remedyne delivered controls can be modified by parameters and thresholds and customers can maintain exceptions. Customers also can define their own custom controls.

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