REMEDYNE Continuous Monitoring is a quick and simple solution to control data and transactions in SAP ERP and detect errors and fraud in procurement, accounting, inventory, sales and other business areas.
REMEDYNE is an SAP-certified Add-On for SAP ERP: setup in just 30 minutes, industry-leading controls immediately available.

Process Controls with REMEDYNE

See how our fully integrated Continuous Monitoring solution can help detecting errors and fraud. According to the ACFE, organizations lose 5% of revenues as a result of fraud.
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reportingAudit-ready Reporting
Built-in controls, no need to spend months configuring. Get industry-leading reporting with methodologies that the largest consulting firms rely on.
time30-Minute Setup, Free Trial
No costly implementation process, simply import into your SAP ERP system. Full access with no risk and no commitment during your free trial.


customizeFully Customizable
REMEDYNE has pre-built controls and case management workflows but can be customized to your specific needs.
nocloudSAP Add-On
REMEDYNE is installed inside the ERP system – no data leaves the system, no extra servers required (low TCO).


plansFlexible Subscription Plans
Buy the software or use it as you need it. Annual subscription plans available. Always get full support and updates, no additional implementation costs.
SAP_Silver_Partner_RSAP-certified Solution
REMEDYNE is an SAP software partner.


Automated Process Controls, Case Management, Easy to Use for Everyone

REMEDYNE delivers automated, continuous control of critical master data and business transactions in SAP ERP and detects fraud and errors. The software scans the business data and transactions in the SAP system’s database. Suspicious transactions and data get flagged and an alert is created. All data for this alert is stored inside the SAP ERP system. Users – managers, experts, auditors – can access the alerts in their inbox together with relevant background information (details on vendors, materials, posting documents etc.). Based on the users’ authorizations they get an overview on open alerts as well as details for each alert. They can update the alert and add comments and information directly in the application. Finally, the transaction is accepted or rejected, depending on the result of the investigation. All alert and case data is archived for reporting and review.
REMEDYNE is an continuous audit or continuous monitoring system: both users in the business and audit can use the tool in parallel.
Automation of controls and the use of a joint platform for all controls across the enterprise lead to cost savings and improve the audit quality.

Recent Posts

Time for an Update – Many Changes in recent Releases

We have been neglecting this blog in the last 2 years or so, but we have been very busy working on the product and with customers. Here comes a short overview of important updates since release 3.0.

UI5 App

Customers can use our new UI5 app to access alerts from almost any device.

Preview of a REMEDYNE alert tin the UI5 app


REMEDYNE alerts now can trigger a wide range of actions, such as sending emails, blocking a vendor or a financial document, or release a block, stop a payment, etc. These auto-reaction methods (actions) are easy to setup from a dropdown menu and increase the effectiveness of the controls.

Alerts and user activities can trigger automated actions in the SAP system

SAP GRC Process Controls Integration

REMEDYNE alerts can be accessed from SAP GRC Process Controls through the SAP QUERY method. Based on alert type, company code, etc. it can be assigned via the risk-control-matrix to an owner who can assign an mitigation plan, or close the alert.

Integration with SAP GRC Process Controls or other workflow tools.

Access Violation Management

Segregation-of-Duty (SoD) conflicts, or access to critical functions, are a major security issue in SAP ERP security. We have a new tool with patent-pending technology that allows users to track critical actions, or executed SoD transaction, and offer a risk mitigation to issues not covered by the SAP authorization concept.

Easy configuration of the Access Violation Management: users can select objects to monitor from a list, and even add filters (e.g. you do not want to see all changes to vendor master data, but only to bank data).

If you use a tool such as SAP GRC Access Controls, you can now mitigate residual risks that cannot be covered by the SAP authorization concept:

Each SoD Risk in SAP GRC Access Controls or a similar tool can be monitored by REMEDYNE.

Risks in the Access Controls/SoD matrix can be monitored with REMEDYNE Access Violation Management.

Sanction List Screening, Business Partner Screening

We have teamed up with our friends at sanctions.io to provide integrated screening against the most important sanction lists (from the US/OFAC, UN, UK, and EU). This screening is built in to the standard REMEDYNE tool and available at no additional costs!

Create Custom REMEDYNE Checks in Minutes using the SAP standard Query Viewer SQVI

Any query you have defined in the SAP Query Viewer (transaction SQVI) can be easily converted to a REMEDYNE check. Like this, create new controls for your continuous monitoring or continuous auditing in minutes — our next blog post will explain how! So stay tuned!

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