Fraud Prevention

Fraud Detection and Case Management for SAP

…due to weak processes and insufficient control of transactions…

According to research by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, organizations lose five percent of their revenue to fraud every year.

These losses are due to weak processes and insufficient control of transactions.  

For example:
Even large enterprises often are not able to implement the 4-eyes principle for critical business processes because they lack qualified experts in certain areas.

In addition, leveraging data analytics also accommodates the growing risk-based focus on fraud detection and regulatory compliance.

Transaction Monitoring — Real-Time Checks for Your Most Important Business Processes

Remedyne continuously scans business critical master data and transactions for fraud and error patterns and supports managers and experts to quickly respond to issues and prevent loss of money.

The checks comprise analysis of business partner master data and postings and payments in order to avoid or correct errors and fraud before it costs money. The software also monitors material master data and movements.
Customers can easily add own checks.

The software is SAP-certified for integration with SAP applications and a mobile app.

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The checks built-into Remedyne are based on know-how proven in many audit and forensic projects and the product is a cost-efficient and powerful tool to fight errors and fraud.

Effective real-time detection of malicious transactions must be followed-up by fast and effective work by the experts, and they need all the information at their fingertips to do their job.

Therefore the software provides case management capabilities to resolve issues fast and securely.

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