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How It Works

Remedyne Transaction Monitoring Technology

Remedyne is an SAP Add-On for SAP ERP. It is written in SAP’s programming language ABAP and customers install the software in their SAP ERP system.

Remedyne is SAP-certified for integrating with SAP solutions. It is encapsulated in its own SAP-registered namespace and uses SAP security mechanisms (authorizations) to protect access.

Remedyne reads data in the SAP database from tables that store master data and transaction data and change documents. Based on the built-in logic or custom checks, it decides whether data or transactions are suspect and then creates an alert.

Alert data is also stored in the SAP ERP system: no data is exported or stored outside of the SAP systems so that at all times the SAP security mechanisms (access controls) protect sensitive business data.

Remedyne works for all SAP ERP 6.0 systems that are in mainstream maintenance by SAP. Updates to the SAP ERP system do not affect the Remedyne installation and vice versa, i.e. updates to SAP ERP do not require updates to Remedyne.

Remedyne delivered content accelerates the implementation from months to days or even faster. The Remedyne Add-On does not require additional hardware/server or other software installation and therefore also provides for very low operating costs.

Z transactions?

You use transactions and reports developed by your company? No problem, the data is typically still stored in SAP standard tables, and those tables are not modified. REMEDYNE will work without any problems. Furthermore you can develop custom checks for data stored in custom tables (in Z or customer namespace).

30-Minute Setup, Free Trial

No costly implementation process, simply import into your SAP ERP system. Full access with no risk and no commitment during your free trial.