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2.2.0 – August 30,2017


  • New checks P2P_MD_SANCTIONS, O2C_MD_SANCTIONS: sanction list screening for business partners using data from
  • New check GL_SOD_PP: SoD check for vendor master data and payment proposal
  • New check GL_PAYM_RECON: items in bank reconciliation accounts
  • New check ITGC_AUTHZ_DEBUG: detect new assignment of debug authorizations
  • New check ITGC_DEBUG_LOG: detect use of debug


  • O2C_DLV_INV_CHECK: fixed issue with TIME_HORIZON
  • P2P_2INV: fixed issue that caused dumps in certain situations
  • /REM/ALERTS: number of alerts displayed was sometimes wrong, fixed
  • O2C_CL: show credit exposure when credit limit is 0
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