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To install the Add-On in your SAP ERP, perform the following steps:
1. Execute the transaction SAINT to access the add-on installation tool.
For more information on using SAINT, read the SAP Add-On Installation Tool documentation.
2. Start the installation in the add-on installation tool.

The Add-On password is provided with the Add-On file.
Alternatively, import the provided transport.

Add-On or transport have to be imported in 1 client only. If you will use the REMEDYNE template roles, import the transport in all clients.

After successful import, generate authorization profiles for the REMEDYNE delivered template roles: Generate Profiles for Template Roles.

Authorization profiles are client-dependent, thus generate profiles/create your own roles in each client where you us the REMEDYNE software.

For testing, assign template roles to users: Access Controls: Test Setup (super-user access with roles /REM/ALL and SAP_BC_BATCH_ADMIN).

If you want to use sanction list screening, enable the SSL connection to the server
Configure SSL client for sanction list screening.

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