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Integration with SAP GRC Process Control

REMEDYNE Continuous Monitoring has a built-in case management and can trigger actions such as automatically blocking a business partner or a financial condiment (e.g. invoices etc. that will not be paid when REMEDYNE detects bogus activities). But users can also integrate REMEDYNE with SAP GRC Process Control to get a more holistic view on activities across a larger system landscape and even more business processes: here we show how this can be set up.

REMEDYNE stores alert data in a table, /REM/TMDATA. Actually 1 alert is 1 entry in this table. Like that, REMEDYNE alerts can be accessed from SAP GRC Process Control (SAP GRC PC) using standard connectors, like “Configurable” or the SAP QUERY connection. We recommend the SAP QUERY option because it gives you more flexibility

Based on the type of check (REMEDYNE check ID), company code, and other details, the alert then can be assigned to an owner via the SAP GRC PC risk control matrix. The owner then decides on a mitigation plan or close the item.

Here is a quick view on the data sources and business rules in SAP GRC PC:

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