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Single Action Tool

With transaction /REM2/SINGLE_ACTION users can create controls to monitor changes done to a single business object.

SAP systems track changes to SAP business objects as change documents. This tool analyzes changes to a single business object in a given period of time, and creates alerts for each identified change.

To set up a check for a single business object:

    Go to transaction /REM2/SINGLE_ACTION and press + to add a new rule

    enter a unique Rule ID

    select whether this rule is active for Continuous Monitoring mode, Audit mode or both

    select object and enter a label

    enter a time horizon for analysis.

You can track changes done on a specific table/field level that belongs to the business object and also for a specific user. If you want to see all changes, leave those fields empty. If you want to restrict analysis to certain table:field or username, enter the values.

To run single action rules, add the check /REM2/SINGLE_RULES to your configuration with a positive integer number (interval in minutes) for run interval (not 0 or empty).

Alerts will be displayed in the alerts transaction /REM/ALERTS in the Access Violation Management area with name as Rule ID.

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